Twin headed concepts - used the same helmet from my zbrush sculpt and rendered it different in Keyshot. Also did a lot of work in Photoshop


"Glad we could see eye to eye…well, you don’t have eyes."

Our Tenno comrade and I contemplated how Warframes would look as bio-mechanical beings with mouths instead of just suits of armor and helmets.

The front part of Loki’s Swindle helmet splits and shifts apart to reveal teeth.

More to come.


"Glad we could see eye to eye…well, you don’t have eyes."

Our Tenno comrade and I contemplated how Warframes would look as bio-mechanical beings with mouths instead of just suits of armor and helmets.

Excalibur’s Pendragon Helmet separates in half and back in a more traditional jaw design. While on the subject our friend added that perhaps depending on the Tenno’s humanity and/or sanity determines the sharpness and raggedness in the design of the teeth.

Our Excalibur is white, black, and green.

More to come.


This doesn’t need context.


Quick bara dragon doodle before work.


For the Tenno who are having trouble understanding the damage system of Warframe.



have you guys seen pendleton ward’s sailor moon doodle/animation on twitter

omg yes! Vine refuses to work for me on my laptop so I was hoping it’d show up here! :D


Sooo.. someone flew a drone through a fireworks display.


My cat guarding her first and only baby


No One’s Born Here, No One Leaves - Omega Demographics

Notes: Most of the quarian meta is adapted from reegar, who has been kind enough to let me put up my Omega-branded version. The numbers within are for 2185, before the Reaper War and subsequent Cerberus invasion. This is all, of course, headcanon.


Centered in the Sahrabarik system, Omega houses almost eight million people with a very mixed population. Since it was abandoned by the Protheans as a mining site, almost every known species has held power at one point or another. After several attempts to use the station as a staging ground for border war interests in the Terminus, Omega became a trade hub centuries ago when an impromptu ‘eezo rush’ by several rival corporations flooded the docks with people.

Many ended up settling and building homes, bringing a secondary influx of immigrants and trade to support the population of miners and cater to the mercenary groups who were assigned as their security. Without a defined government or rule of law, Omega’s growing districts suffered from constant conflict as passing generations turned broken corporate contracts into blood feuds and gang wars.

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Flight Rising commission 1 of 2 for Psshaw!

I will take one more FR dragon bust. TAKEN, thank you!

A bust with flat colouring and shading is $25 USD, a demi-painted finish with shading is $40 USD. Complex genes and / or accessories are an additional $10 USD in either finish. I can both monsterise your dragon or keep them close to canon, please let me know your preference! Payment up front, Paypal only!

Contact and slot availability are below the cut:

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aww kaiji-san don’t cry im sorry im not







John Green being fucking awesome

"read misogynistic gender dynamics into it" 

don’t need to read into things that are actually fucking there!!!! holy shit john green have you ever read twilight or are you pulling this statement out of your ass like you seem to do a bunch lately?

let’s count the ways twilight fucks up in terms of “gender dynamics” and other things, shall we?

  • a character is physically abused by her cousin’s boyfriend to the point of being scarred permanently, yet they still get together for “destiny” reasons
  • same character basically exists as a satellite planet to her bf and as an example of how every imprintee should act
  • imprinting as a whole: YOU GET NO CHOICE IN LOVE!! boy falls in love w/ u? u better just fucking accept it. don’t like him?? you’ll “grow to”, because of his “loving devoted attention”!!! it’s for the good of the pack!!!! fuck you if you want anything different
  • imprinting on babies, aka child grooming is totally okay as long as you don’t start the sexy stuff until 18!! (“mentally”- can’t forget bella’s daughter is allowed to get w/ jacob, her mom’s former friend, when she’s seven years old)
  • bella’s agency is completely taken away by edward (and jacob) in terms of her child (wanting her to get an abortion against her wishes, edward basically telling jacob he can have sex with her and give her children if she wants them)
  • edward sleeps with bella even though he KNOWS she will be harmed by it
  • leah clearwater is portrayed as an utter complete bitch for not following the pack rules, yet jacob is touted as a heroic leader for doing the same
  • and speaking of leah, how fucking dare she be upset her boyfriend broke it off with her to get into a “fairytale” relationship with her cousin!! (the same bf that later scarred her beloved cousin and friend FOR LIFE)
  • jacob and edward treat bella like a literal piece of meat and consistently ignore her wishes for “the greater good”
  • being a vampire makes u white!!!!!!
  • humans are trash. you’re a human? you’re trash
  • jacob violently kisses bella without her consent
  • bella is the classic definition of “not like other girls” and treats the girls who attempt to be friends with her as disposable
  • she also treats her father like trash and is dismissive of her mother
  • SEX IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SILLY BELLA 
  • special snowflake syndrome to the max (and u’d know about that right john? *flutters eyelashes*)
  • don’t forget the stalking!!! nothing says true love like stalking
  • Perhaps the creepiest part was the werewolf wife (who was human) who had the misfortune of being around her husband when he got angry & lashed out at her. It was a tacit endorsement of domestic violence. There was never any thought that the wife might leave her husband or that you maybe shouldn’t be around someone who will strike you when they are angry (especially someone with claws..) ” -ezra
  • Did anyone else also notice that the good guys in this series are white, and the bad guys are Native American?  Also ALL of the vampires in the book are white.” -diaryofacrazywoman
  • And don’t worry. If Edward ends up killing Bella, it will be her fault. That’s because she should know to stand perfectly still when he kisses her. Otherwise vampire passions are aroused and, well, murder happens.” -Elizabeth Esther (aka EMOTIONAL ABUSE WOOHOO)

you can read more here, here, here, and here

i agree that smeyer experiences sexism, misogyny, and fatphobia because of her books, and i agree that twilight fans do as well, and that’s terrible and wrong. but that in NO WAY excuses the fact that twilight is disgusting tripe. the movies were way, way toned down to a lot of these things, tbh, so i understand why you might see the issue as blown out of the water in those respects- but the books DO exist, they ARE there, and so is all the things they tout as romantic.

tl;dr: you know nothing john green

"you can just ignore sexism and rape culture if you squint and not wanting to do that makes you the misogynist"

really like this guy needs to hire better PR people can someone hire John Green a PR guy for me

It was sort of mentioned in the list above but I want to make it EXPLICITLY CLEAR that Edward and Bella’s relationship IS CANONICALLY ABUSIVE. Here is a link explaining why, but if you don’t want to go all the way over there I’ll give you a short rundown. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has a list of fifteen signs you might be in an abusive relationship and says If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship.”  Edward and Bella’s relationship hits ALL FIFTEEN. 

So yes, John Green, tell me more about why it’s acceptable to teach teen girls (the biggest Twilight fanbase) to glamorize and aspire to a completely abusive relationship. We should most definitely say that there’s nothing wrong with that unless you want “to read into it.” 

After all, media doesn’t impact how people think at all does it? Especially not growing children! Now, I don’t advocate banning books ever, but people need to be made aware of problematic things in literature. It’s the same problem with romanticizing Romeo and Juliet, except Shakespeare never wanted that to happen. If nobody calls these works out on how problematic the relationsips in them are, you are passively enabling abusers and abusive relationship. So thanks John for doing that.

john green deciding to just “look past misogyny to be nice to authors” fucking gee whiz another white guy another day smh

"If enough people buy into it, it can’t be wrong. That’s why racism is a-ok in my book" -John Green, probably